Thursday, October 11, 2007

The line..

Below is the line between "self-respect" and "ego":

Do you see it?..I don't!


Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday, July 26, 2007

By Request - Part I

My previous post was posted on the 5th of July ...being the honest person that I am [: P]...I’ll tell you how I used to check if kissine bhoole bhatke iss nacheez ke blog par comment likha ho..well..that check was on an average..umm…once everyday [: P]...One fine day (as it always is)...I saw Mr. / Ms. Anonymous leave me one...

old movies, new movies, reviews etc...

Well for one...I am not quite pro about writing such stuff. Of course I have my reasons but then I guess you’d already have read so many already..i guess I’d just end up sounding irritating...for one, it’s difficult for me to like a movie and not criticize...quite difficult...and then I’ve also not watched quite a few “must-watch” movies...

But when I asked for topics, Mr. / Ms. Anonymous was the one jisne meri thodi laaj this one’s for you..

The past few weeks I watched three movies...out of which “Partner” outdid displease and disgust me (but of course)..Phew...It sucked...BIGTIME! If anyone was to ask me...this would be one of the last movies I’d recommend. Thankfully I watched it in a local it didn’t pinch all that’s plain crass...and for people who’ve seen “Hitch”...stay away twice as’d just feel sorry. But then, there was this one gentleman sitting behind us who just couldn’t stop rolling with I guess it’s all up to one’s...ahem...(I guess I should try be polite now)...tastes;-)...but I do like the songs...very danceableJ..I guess I don’t quite need to take up the acting abilities or the lack of it:-P of the lead actors...

Then there was “Naqaab” which I really, really wanted to watch...what with the title of “The most shocking thriller of the year” title and all...but what of it?...I was filled with sheer disappointment…The new girl Urvashi’s not bad...Akshaye and Bobby as usual...but I was definitely expecting something a 108 times better in terms of story (that kind that would jolt me...well, the title kept running across my mind you see)...I waited ki ab kuch hoga, ab kuch hoga...but alas...moreover the movie’s predictable, so much for that... I remember “Shabd” was another movie that thoroughly disappointed me...

Then there was “Diehard 4” which surprise, surprise...I DIDN’T want to watch (well am sure the person who asked me for reviews must be cursing his/her bad judgment)...I even offered my ticket to a friend who wanted to watch it badly...but then he politely refused and I saw my first diehard movie (OMG, I a kalanak on planet Earth?)...and boy was it fun?! Have always loved Bruce Willis...what an attitude! I’m all eager to watch the previous parts...all the sequences gave rise to this recurrent thought of mine...”When do we make such movies?”...anyways, this was definitely paisa vasool stuff...must watch!

I am going to stop with this much now as I’m a lil scared that I sounded boring...just let me know ok? So until next time...ta ta..

Thursday, July 5, 2007


After yet another long, long sabbatical..I’m baak! If only I had some amount of patience, I would have loved to write regularly..even if you like it or not:P..

People (not many, mind it) have asked me why I haven’t posted in quite sometime. My lame answer (which is actually not quite so lame) is that I don’t have no good topics. Suggestions would be welcomed with *%*&#@..can’t quite get the right words you’s a dangerous world out there:P..alright,alright, I'm stopping right now.. Eagerly waiting for atleast a few of you to come back to me with any possible topics..Lets’ see if I’m gutsy or colorful enough to take a stand on em and write..

Hoping not to disappoint..I’ll be waiting..

PS: I know there’d be people who’d say my life @ CUSAT..well, all I can say is..All in good time folks!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


I don’t quite remember when I first saw him. When I joined my company, Infor, I met a bunch of these guys from MEC, a neighboring college. These guys had joined the same time as I had.
11.00 am is a sacred time for us here. Spells out “Coffee” for us you see. It was one of these breaks that I remember talking to him. We exchanged our numbers that day and I remember storing it as Deepak E. Prakash..Phew! Don’t exactly know when that changed to Deepu for me…From stories I heard from Makku and Kartik, this guy was “supposed” to be a woman-charmer. As I once asked him, how come it never worked on me? He replied within the same instant..he had never tried:-P

Anyways, this idiot of a guy (whose passions in life are “photography, photography and photography (put Java somewhere too)”) is moving to Bangalore. And from the time I heard of it, I guess I unconsciously “tried not to think about it”(my favorite line back in college..Manu, yaad hai na?). But now it’s too close..his going away..And I guess one just can’t avoid the fact that he won’t be around very soon. I must confess that I have had the best times of my life here in Hyderabad with these people. And he’s so going to be missed.

The first person here who took me around on his blue Pulsar..the time we both went and discovered the “tawa murgh” in Angeethi..the TV stand you lifted till our house..the way I like my Sub..the dupatta shopping in Ameerpet..talking about ahem stuff..the day you lost your bike keys..the list will never not trying to sound grateful or’s just that these were all special times for me..very, very special..and I’m so going to miss you Deepu..Love you loads..umma:-)