Monday, September 22, 2008

Randomness - I

Have you ever met someone you wish you'd never met..cause you simply don't like them..

Have you ever met someone you wish you'd never met..cause you simply can't live without them..

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Who decides..

What is right and what is wrong? And should a punishment be so strong that it could possibly ruin the future of a young, budding student just to prove your point? Dear readers, if there are any i.e., I want you to pass this on to as many people as you could..

Jacob Kurian, Semester Vth student of SRM University , Chennai happened to go to a senior’s room to borrow a book (his exams were around the corner) when they were ragging a junior. The seniors actually slapped that poor kid and Jacob was unfortunately present at that time. And guess what, as he didn’t go “report” this incident to the authorities, he has been suspended for a year. One whole year!

Honestly speaking, how many of us would get up and go and report such an incident at that very moment? I don’t know if I would. (I want to make myself very clear on the fact that I do not subscribe to any form of ragging.) I know that what happened to the poor fresher was a really bad thing, but to suspend a bright student (Jacob’s GPA: 7.9) for not having gone and reported this case just to prove a point (that the college is very strict when it comes to such things) is simply appalling. His internal exams were one week after he was suspended and he cannot take them. That means the efforts of one whole semester gone down the drain. I want to ask the authorities in question: Is this some kind of cruel joke that you are playing with this child? It is his bludy future you are playing with! Good you show such discipline when it comes to ragging and all, but then there is a thin line between making the “right” or the “wrong” decision.

His elder brother was in Chennai for two days and tried to convince the authorities (the principal it seems didn’t even look him in the eye and did not meet him) to revoke their decision. He wrote to all the email-ids he found on their website. But it was all in vain, they are adamant.

I personally know Jacob and I know that he is a good, god-fearing kid who would do no harm. Why should things be so bludy unfair?He is planning to take up a call center job for a year. Now tell me, how much worse can things get?If he applies to a job or for higher education, they will definitely question him and perhaps reject him too on the grounds of his break in education and too because of a case that involved ragging. What did the boy do to deserve this..and that too when he did no harm.

Could you guys come up with some suggestions which could help the authorities revoke their decidion? Please..thanks a ton:)!