Monday, May 19, 2008

Rain rain go away, Come again another day..

It rained here last night..out of the blue. The current went around a zillion times and the fitful sleeper that I am; I hardly slept (pout!). So I had almost declared today as ‘cranky day’ (for me, if I don’t get my 8 hours of sleep {beauty included:P}, I can be a not nice person to know..atleast in the morning:)..but au contraire..I feel happppyyy today:)(If you’re happy and you know it, blog today..clap clap clap clap)..Its’ so much cooler..a definite respite from the sweltering garmi of Hyd..

But then, this post is about how I absolutely hate/detest/abhor (bachhpan mein kissi holiday homework ke liye yaad kara tha, had to use it sometime na;)) rains..yes, heard (read) it right..I am one of a kind afterall..I know many(n-2) people who absolutely louve the rain..but yes, fellow beings, I am one of the chosen few (the second being Bond..not the James waala) who cringes at the thought of being an exception:)..

To make this short and sweet (you see, some guy named noFingWay had left me a comment (which I didn’t quite approve of..huh!) about my previous post saying: ‘Word count.. 660. Who's gonna ever read it?’..I am going to be kind and benevolent to the non-readers of my blog:P and list out why rains don’t amuse this otherwise amiable(cheeky grin) person:

1) Clothes don't dry. And when they do, they stinkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk (wriggling my tiny, little nose;))!

2) Its' too eew to walk around..all the slush and kheechad..oh boy, I just hate it!

3) Tends to get very depressing..can't go out..sitting holed up inside your house..and even when you do need to venture out (cos you have no other go to school/office), its' back to point #2. Talk about vicious circles..bah!

There are two images engraved in my mind related to rain which make me just love them so much more. One is in standard 5th I think. P’s mom used to come pick P and me up from school (This started after a boy started teasing me by saying ‘Maneater, maneater’..referring to my ‘Monitor’ badge..hehe..sounds so lame right?! and my sister was also not there as she was down with jaundice at that time). So aunty had told us to wait outside this big tree next to our school. It was the month of July, and it was pouring like crazy but us being obedient children, inspite of the rain, we just stood under the tree and waited for her to come. And as Murphy and I have janmon ka rishta-naata..aunty was late that day:)..happens! Nevertheless, P and I stood like idiots in the rain for around half and hour or more and were completely drenched (surprise-surprise)..after this, aunty told us to wait inside on days when it rains..Sparing this incident, I believe I have high degrees of common-sense..humph!

The next image..which is actually a whole lot of of F and me on the bike (seeee..I finally mentioned you on my Oh-so-famous-blog..happppy?!:P)..I know rain is almost synonymous with Kerala and everything..but how, Oh Almighty how..did it always have to rain as soon as I perched my assets on his bike..Lord Indra with delirious pleasure would bless the route from my hostel to town (as we used to call it back in Cochin;)) with rain like never before..we used to have no other option but to continue with the ride as there would hardly be any shelters. You know, it was like buckets full of water being thrown at us..sploosh..sploosh..and sploosh again..Oh my good Lord, thinking of it only makes me so mad..YES, I HATE RAIN! Of course, the person riding is the one who has to suffer the most..but what of the pillion rider who is extra-sensitive and riding with a fellow who just uses one contact lens? Sigh..(of relief of course!). On my visit home the next time, to be all prepared [me with all my foresight (wise-ass grin)], I brought along a rain coat..for the next fight..want to guess the color? ..It was yellow:D..I have a preety fotu of mine in that..but I guess that can be put up some other time..maybe for some comic relief or something..:D..aaj ke liye bas itna, baaki ?? children..