Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Anybody there?

Hullo..I know this time its’ been longer than usual but I don’t presume I was being thoroughly missed eitherways. I don’t quite know what ignited me enough to write after this long {I think its’ a combination of being dead bored + reading umpteen number of blogs (Courtesy: Makku) + conversations with Bones}, but anyways, here it goes {I don’t know if I do my species (as in females) any good by taking this up}..

Women! We are as vain as one could possibly be, love all those who love us, we crave for attention, bask in the warmth of allll the love (read gifts..the more expensive, the better) showered upon us. A guy with a bike (during college days) and a car (during working ones) probably fall in the 'true love/Mr. Right/Never let go' category. Its' of course a different thing that the occurrence of this falling happens at regular intervals of say 1) End of school; 2) End of college; 3) Change of company/Wedlock with a totally different person altogether. But please ladies and gentlemen, I am definitely not the one who has set these intervals, the intervals are at ones’ own discretion based on ones' own set of rules varying from 'Long distance doesn’t work' to 'Sorry, there’s someone else (umm..richer and smarter than you I mean..throat clearing)'. The catch phrase-'There are many fish in the sea' is I guess an inscription on the extra X in our chromosomes as compared to our fawning other halves.

It's as simple as this. ( this part thoroughly).Women are suckers for guys who are dependable. Someone who can care for them, who can fulfill every whim and fancy of theirs {for eg. Ice-cream at 2 a.m. (If you don’t get this, your Bollywood/Tollywood gyaan ain’t something to be proud of my dear friend), who can get their shopping done from Ameerpet to Central, from Charminar to Begumpet without as much as an ounce of disgust or protest}, listen to them boasting/cribbing/bitching/whining endlessly as if there was no tomorrow. Basically, if you are equipped with a vehicle and are capable of pretending to be really listening and can nod your head at regular intervals in awe/appreciation when she’s boasting or with disgust when she’s bitching, you are set! Congratulations my dear bakra..uh oh..friend:-):-(..(mixed emoticons, hope you understand my predicament..sigh!)

As cynical as I might have sounded, I don’t want to end up sounding judgmental. Neither am I going to take any sides. From experiences (personal as well as friends/acquaintances), I don’t think any of it is deliberate. In this short life of ours (another topic which I would love to write on), we are lucky to meet some and unlucky to meet some. Some of them become our cherished ones, while some you’d willingly throw off a cliff (ouch! I’m not so evil :-)). By saying that meeting new people, falling in love, ditching them or getting ditched is a cycle or part of life I might be wholly wrong..or perhaps partially right..but one thing is for sure, its' inevitable.

For all the emancipation and the 'we don’t really need a man you know' that we women cry ourselves hoarse about, its' always nice to have a man by your side (Yes, yes this is the real 'Must Read' part boys). And not just for the 'driver' (haha..this is fun) and the money etc. part of it. For all the other real things too. For the shoulder you have when you are down in the dumps and want to cry out aloud, for how you don’t even need to tell how you're feeling about something, for the way he can make you feel special only the way he possibly could..Priceless! A girl who can love you for your worth and not your net worth is what should be for keeps. But then don’t worry, if she thinks you’re worth it, she won’t let you go..atleast anytime soon that is.. :-P