Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Randomness - II

Do you care that I care..

And do I care that you don't..

Monday, September 22, 2008

Randomness - I

Have you ever met someone you wish you'd never met..cause you simply don't like them..

Have you ever met someone you wish you'd never met..cause you simply can't live without them..

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Who decides..

What is right and what is wrong? And should a punishment be so strong that it could possibly ruin the future of a young, budding student just to prove your point? Dear readers, if there are any i.e., I want you to pass this on to as many people as you could..

Jacob Kurian, Semester Vth student of SRM University , Chennai happened to go to a senior’s room to borrow a book (his exams were around the corner) when they were ragging a junior. The seniors actually slapped that poor kid and Jacob was unfortunately present at that time. And guess what, as he didn’t go “report” this incident to the authorities, he has been suspended for a year. One whole year!

Honestly speaking, how many of us would get up and go and report such an incident at that very moment? I don’t know if I would. (I want to make myself very clear on the fact that I do not subscribe to any form of ragging.) I know that what happened to the poor fresher was a really bad thing, but to suspend a bright student (Jacob’s GPA: 7.9) for not having gone and reported this case just to prove a point (that the college is very strict when it comes to such things) is simply appalling. His internal exams were one week after he was suspended and he cannot take them. That means the efforts of one whole semester gone down the drain. I want to ask the authorities in question: Is this some kind of cruel joke that you are playing with this child? It is his bludy future you are playing with! Good you show such discipline when it comes to ragging and all, but then there is a thin line between making the “right” or the “wrong” decision.

His elder brother was in Chennai for two days and tried to convince the authorities (the principal it seems didn’t even look him in the eye and did not meet him) to revoke their decision. He wrote to all the email-ids he found on their website. But it was all in vain, they are adamant.

I personally know Jacob and I know that he is a good, god-fearing kid who would do no harm. Why should things be so bludy unfair?He is planning to take up a call center job for a year. Now tell me, how much worse can things get?If he applies to a job or for higher education, they will definitely question him and perhaps reject him too on the grounds of his break in education and too because of a case that involved ragging. What did the boy do to deserve this..and that too when he did no harm.

Could you guys come up with some suggestions which could help the authorities revoke their decidion? Please..thanks a ton:)!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Groping Tales

Statutory Warning: Long, serious post ahead

It’s a pity that the first entry I’m typing from my super sexy XPS (see, I was never known for my modesty:P) is perhaps my first ‘serious’ post. Literally! I actually wanted to write about something totally different (will duly do that one after this) but this topic sauntered in my mind from no where. While I was at work (haha), this topic sprung up in my mind..perhaps this is what ignited it. Anyways, I was shifting to another floor today so decided to go back home and write it in peace..Though, on second thought, that was a better time as I was seething with anger then..Anyhoo, let me get down to my thoughts or rather experiences..

I am a female. Brought up in Delhi, moved to Cochin for graduation and presently in Hyderabad for work. Why the intro all of a sudden? Well, I don’t know..Perhaps to show that wherever I’ve been, in whichsoever environment, I have been targeted because of my sex. And when I say this, I say this for all the millions of women all over the world. I’m most definitely one amongst the luckier in this group cause I’ve heard and read of so, so much worse happening to poor, na├»ve, unknowing women. I could perhaps make a record for the longest blog entry ever by adding links to horrific stories on demonic actions carried on women. But I shall refrain myself and stick to something which is a stark reality and something that needs immediate attention. And by immediate I don’t just mean that this is a recent trend.

My house was walking distance from school, so I used to walk back from school with my sister. I was in the 4th standard and used to have my ‘monitor’ badge pinned on my blazer. We used to live in government quarters back then and had to pass this shoddy local school on our way. A boy, with a group of his friends*, perhaps in the 10th-12th class range would start a chant of ‘maneater, maneater’ each time I would pass. I can’t exactly remember how I felt at that time. All I know is that I would just scurry past that area and wish to be away from those big boys blocking the way. My sister is just 2 years elder to me so I don’t think her presence/absence made any difference. I thankfully went home and told my parents about this and they talked to a classmate’s mom who would then accompany us till beyond that sad school. I had briefly written about this here. When I go visiting Ruby’s family there now, I pass that school. Its’ now affiliated to CBSE supposedly (eyes rolling!)..This was the first incident that I can recall of ‘eve-teasing’ for me.

I grew up, got used to comments being passed on the roads and mastered the art of keeping the most perfect stoic expression at all such times. I guess it would be disarming and most disappointing for those a%&holes! Fast forward to IIT coaching time. 11th standard. I started taking public transport to go for my coaching classes after school. I used to be so scared to miss my stop that I would get up approximately 3-4 stops ahead. I have this memory..I’d gotten up really early as always and was standing near the exit. This guy, not too old, came and literally stuck himself behind me. There was hardly any rush and I was wondering why he was standing so close..pressing himself against me..I was too dumb not to realise then..not to turn around and slap him so hard that he could could have heard bells ringing..oh, it makes me so, so mad..One month in Gargi College(before my admission in B.Tech) had me using the buses again and I think not a single day passed without an attempt to touch, to grope, to tease..But I had become wiser (with experience eh?!) and knew how to avoid being touched. Once I got on an RTV(mini-van) to go back and there was just the driver, the conductor and another male passenger on it. We had reached half-way and this guy started asking me questions..’Tumhara naam kya hai?’(What is your name?)..’College mein padti ho?’(Studying in college?)..’Ghar kahaan hai?’(Where is your house?)..I ignored him. Totally. Didn’t flinch and stared right ahead. My heart inside must have died a thousand deaths. I was shit scared..and there still was quite a distance to where I had to get down at. I prayed..harddd throughout that journey. But all through this, the conductor and the driver didn’t even turn back.And this in a mini-van! They did a better job of ignoring than me..and I can tell goood at it! Bludy (swear)! How, how can someone be so thick skinned as to not come help out another fellow human being..a girl who’s all alone? I was lucky that the loser who was trying to ‘befriend’ me was not a rapist. What if he was? I can only imagine the driver and conductor joining in. I shudder. And thank God.. I never told my parents any of this. Was too embarrassed (can you beat that) and also didn’t want to worry them sick about going alone to college. I can only try not think about what my sister must have gone through in the years she had to travel in jam-packed buses and that too on awful routes.

Happy Story: My school friend C had a petite friend who some guy tried to grope on a DTC bus. She turned around..said ‘Saale dash dash’ and gave him one nice tight thapad(slap!) across his face. Ah what joy..yeyyy!!(Accompanied with little dance of joy)

Moving on, after a much sheltered life, I find myself in Cochin. Near my hostel, on the way, there was a junction called TD (Take Deviation) which had to be inevitably crossed if we had to go out of campus. Now my ‘local guardian’ (lets’ call him LG) warned me that ‘good’ girls are not to pass TD after 6.30 pm. I was like..WTF! But being new to the place, I meekly agreed. What made me burst with anger was when the LG tells me that I should not wear jeans as it would not help my reputation and just attract unwanted attention. That was it..I was used to wearing jeans..and how on earth would that make me ‘characterless’?Bullshit! Mujhe yaad karte he gussa aa raha hai (Rembering it only makes me angry)..To add insult to injury, I was branded as a ‘Dilli waali’..this very quickly and quite logically equated me to being immoral. Well, honestly speaking, I was more naiive than some ‘seedhi-saadhi’(simple-looking) naadan(native) girls. But I really don’t need to justify this to those hooligans who I had as classmates. Respect for girls is something they weren’t born with and could not acquire in all the years they re-repeated to get into IIT.

My group consisted of four of us, all of us had studied outside and were convent educated. We spoke our mind and were not ‘shy and meek’ as the other ‘good’ girls in our class. This I guess was how we were awarded the title of ‘Chameli’ in college. There are some people who ask me why I say college was NOT fun for me..and why I do NOT like talking about it. Yes, I made some friends for life and yes I shared some very good times with them..but if you want to know if I felt even an ounce of pain when I left college..I left smiling..and took very quick steps too. I’m really glad to be out of such a place which had a pack of narrow-minded bas*@#%$. I think I ceased to interact normally..not because of me..but because there was noone normal to interact with. It’s a pity yes, but I believe it made a stronger, bolder person. To f*** with those losers! AC (the only other boy I used to talk to in class) was sitting with me one day and he asked me this question:’Ek baat bata, tumhe log chameli kyun kehte hain?’(Tell me one thing, why do people call you Chameli?)..I pretended not to have heard right..I still remember how my face had flushed that day..could feel it becoming redder and redder..but I remained poised..For those who can’t understand the ruckus behind ‘Chameli’..well, a movie of the same name had been released around the same time where the central character who was a prostitute was named (no prizes for guessing)..Chameli..Then I don’t know how it spread, who propagated the whole thing..but we were known as Chameli by our batchmates..all bunch of losers, with inferiority complexes who had to resort to such cheap measures to attract attention..We were the achievers in college..and quite obviously, this didn’t go down quite well with the MCPs..Apart from the fact that we were hot;-)..and didn’t hang out with them. Case of sour grapes you see:P! DK (one of the four in our group) was ill once and had to be admitted in hospital for a week. The story that was doing the rounds that time was that she went in for an abortion. Now tell me, how gross can it get? Apparently it can. But lets’ not talk about that nowJ.

You know, I’m really happy..I wanted to get back at them..someway..and I guess this is one, small way of doing it..And I feel vindicated today..truly! I didn’t know I had the courage to write about any of this..but hey, I did it..lalalala.. And I’m mighty proud of myself. I did no wrong and its’ not a ‘fault’ to be a girl. IF only, each time a guy felt that it was his ‘birthright’ to tease a schoolgirl, molest a child he’s supposed to be take care of or a family friend (yes it happens..alllll the time) or rape an innocent woman, God would strike him dead with a bolt of lighting..I would be at peace..and so would the entire female population..Anyways, I guess that’s like an impossible wish..but what we CAN do is make ourselves aware in a more active way of such horrid truths. Such things would not cease cause the world is not a perfect place to live in. What we can do is confront such situations. Do any of you have any ideas or suggestions? And please don’t give me bullshit about dressing appropriately because a girl in a salwar-kameez or a girl in capris n a essentially a girl. I know a colleague of mine who has twins..both daughters..aged 7 years..she was telling me the other day how she’s told them to tell her everyday how their day went and they are to tell her if anyone ‘touches’ them as such..which I think is a really good thing..and at the same time something so sad. Sad cause not even a child is safe. Sad cause it can happen when you don’t even know that it is wrong. Sad cause it could happen at any age..and at anytime..Sad cause even ‘well-educated’ people like me can be ignorant..a case being of my close friend from school who was in a relationship with her sister’s friend..After they broke up (thank God for that), she told me that he would make her lie down and press his thing on her..And you know the worst part, I didn’t realise the gravity of what she had told me..I was that silly! OMG..poor, poor thing! Inspite of topping classes we are unaware and ignorant if someone is violating us. Inspite of working at MNCs we let some men (read dogs) get away with outraging our modesty..Because at the end of it all, all that matters is you are the girl..and you will be the one suffering eitherways..Read this..

Decency and respect towards your womenfolk is something that cannot be taught even after being a professional. I personally, unfortunately encountered this fact at my workplace too..not that I needed much convincing anywayJ..

I have no idea how to conclude this post..writing it all down (I had more things to write you knw..train travails..but didn’t want to go on for eternity) was supposed to make me feel lighter and better..but no, it did not..cause I know this thing is going to continue..if only there was a way out..

* Akele chuha..jhund mein sher (Like a mouse when alone, like a lion when in a group)

PS: I’m scared to have children. How will I protect them and keep them safe at all times?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Arrey Wah!

Wanted to tell you about this brand new..ok, not exactly new..but nevertheless..exceptionally good-looking blog that I saw the other day..You just HAVE to see it..Oh wait, you already are..khee khee..(sheepish grin)..I was, as I thought lets’ revamp the borin ol’ look..I know this might not be the best..far from it..But I’m happppy..Yay!! The blog’s getting better with age like its’ owner eh?!;-)

You like?

PS: I increased the font size, which spells disaster for me:,-(..Now the posts will look longer..My three devoted readers will aso stop reading now I guess(BIG pout)..

Friday, July 11, 2008

You Better Run For Cover..

[Yeah Baby when you see me coming (Yeah!)
Yeah you better run for cover (Yeah!)
Cos you know when I find you (Yeah!)
Yeah I’m gonna be your lover]*2

Tujhse log kahenge, na kar pyaar mujhe
Main toh lakh bura hoon, neend chura loon, hosh uda doon
Main toh baahon mein leke, raah bhula doon, baat bana doon

Chahe jahaan hey dil ko chhupaa
Baaton hi baaton mein, do mulaqaton mein le Loon

Bachna ae haseena lo Mein Aa Gaya
Ae Bachna Ae Haseeno, Lo Mein Aa Gaya
Husn ka aashiq, husn ka dushman
Apni ada hai yaaron se juda
Hey Ho!

Bachna ae haseena lo Mein Aa Gaya
Ae Bachna Ae Haseeno, Lo Mein Aa Gaya

Hai Hai Hai..[few more times;)]

[Yeah Baby when you see me coming (Yeah!)
Yeah you better run for cover (Yeah!)
Cos you know when I find you (Yeah!)
Yeah I’m gonna be your lover]*2

Hey tujhko zamaane ke aage main chedoonga na chhodoonga
Aankein churayegi bhi to milaoonga, ja ja kya bahaane banayegi
Dekhoonga dil phenkoonga, jhoote moote vaade suna ke fasaaoonga
Husn ka aashiq, husn ka dushman
Apni ada hai yaaron se juda
Hey Ho!

Bachna ae haseena lo Mein Aa Gaya

Bachna ae haseena lo Mein Aa Gaya
Ae Bachna Ae Haseeno, Lo Mein Aa Gaya
Husn ka aashiq, husn ka dushman
Apni ada hai yaaron se juda
Hey Ho!

Bachna ae haseena lo Mein Aa Gaya

[Yeah Baby when you see me coming (Yeah!)
Yeah you better run for cover (Yeah!)
Cos you know when I find you (Yeah!)
Yeah I’m gonna be your lover]*2

Glug..glug(that's silly laughter)..I absolutely loooouve this silly, dumb, corny song..Its’ endearing in a funny sort of way..and boy, do I love the lyrics or what?! And Kishore Kumar lives on..apart from the rap bit that Vishal does..the legendary Kishore makes this song absolutely rockin! Pity his son Sumit can’t match up even a bit upto him..a tastefully done remix. Taaliyan..

PS: What I wouldn’t do to dance to this song..sigh!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Mora Sayyian

It is 12.23 a.m. and the freakin, f#%&ing current decides to go take a stroll. I maintain sanity with this playing..Beautiful..Thank God for mujic:-)!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Rain rain go away, Come again another day..

It rained here last night..out of the blue. The current went around a zillion times and the fitful sleeper that I am; I hardly slept (pout!). So I had almost declared today as ‘cranky day’ (for me, if I don’t get my 8 hours of sleep {beauty included:P}, I can be a not nice person to know..atleast in the morning:)..but au contraire..I feel happppyyy today:)(If you’re happy and you know it, blog today..clap clap clap clap)..Its’ so much cooler..a definite respite from the sweltering garmi of Hyd..

But then, this post is about how I absolutely hate/detest/abhor (bachhpan mein kissi holiday homework ke liye yaad kara tha, had to use it sometime na;)) rains..yes, heard (read) it right..I am one of a kind afterall..I know many(n-2) people who absolutely louve the rain..but yes, fellow beings, I am one of the chosen few (the second being Bond..not the James waala) who cringes at the thought of being an exception:)..

To make this short and sweet (you see, some guy named noFingWay had left me a comment (which I didn’t quite approve of..huh!) about my previous post saying: ‘Word count.. 660. Who's gonna ever read it?’..I am going to be kind and benevolent to the non-readers of my blog:P and list out why rains don’t amuse this otherwise amiable(cheeky grin) person:

1) Clothes don't dry. And when they do, they stinkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk (wriggling my tiny, little nose;))!

2) Its' too eew to walk around..all the slush and kheechad..oh boy, I just hate it!

3) Tends to get very depressing..can't go out..sitting holed up inside your house..and even when you do need to venture out (cos you have no other go to school/office), its' back to point #2. Talk about vicious circles..bah!

There are two images engraved in my mind related to rain which make me just love them so much more. One is in standard 5th I think. P’s mom used to come pick P and me up from school (This started after a boy started teasing me by saying ‘Maneater, maneater’..referring to my ‘Monitor’ badge..hehe..sounds so lame right?! and my sister was also not there as she was down with jaundice at that time). So aunty had told us to wait outside this big tree next to our school. It was the month of July, and it was pouring like crazy but us being obedient children, inspite of the rain, we just stood under the tree and waited for her to come. And as Murphy and I have janmon ka rishta-naata..aunty was late that day:)..happens! Nevertheless, P and I stood like idiots in the rain for around half and hour or more and were completely drenched (surprise-surprise)..after this, aunty told us to wait inside on days when it rains..Sparing this incident, I believe I have high degrees of common-sense..humph!

The next image..which is actually a whole lot of of F and me on the bike (seeee..I finally mentioned you on my Oh-so-famous-blog..happppy?!:P)..I know rain is almost synonymous with Kerala and everything..but how, Oh Almighty how..did it always have to rain as soon as I perched my assets on his bike..Lord Indra with delirious pleasure would bless the route from my hostel to town (as we used to call it back in Cochin;)) with rain like never before..we used to have no other option but to continue with the ride as there would hardly be any shelters. You know, it was like buckets full of water being thrown at us..sploosh..sploosh..and sploosh again..Oh my good Lord, thinking of it only makes me so mad..YES, I HATE RAIN! Of course, the person riding is the one who has to suffer the most..but what of the pillion rider who is extra-sensitive and riding with a fellow who just uses one contact lens? Sigh..(of relief of course!). On my visit home the next time, to be all prepared [me with all my foresight (wise-ass grin)], I brought along a rain coat..for the next fight..want to guess the color? ..It was yellow:D..I have a preety fotu of mine in that..but I guess that can be put up some other time..maybe for some comic relief or something..:D..aaj ke liye bas itna, baaki ?? children..

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Anybody there?

Hullo..I know this time its’ been longer than usual but I don’t presume I was being thoroughly missed eitherways. I don’t quite know what ignited me enough to write after this long {I think its’ a combination of being dead bored + reading umpteen number of blogs (Courtesy: Makku) + conversations with Bones}, but anyways, here it goes {I don’t know if I do my species (as in females) any good by taking this up}..

Women! We are as vain as one could possibly be, love all those who love us, we crave for attention, bask in the warmth of allll the love (read gifts..the more expensive, the better) showered upon us. A guy with a bike (during college days) and a car (during working ones) probably fall in the 'true love/Mr. Right/Never let go' category. Its' of course a different thing that the occurrence of this falling happens at regular intervals of say 1) End of school; 2) End of college; 3) Change of company/Wedlock with a totally different person altogether. But please ladies and gentlemen, I am definitely not the one who has set these intervals, the intervals are at ones’ own discretion based on ones' own set of rules varying from 'Long distance doesn’t work' to 'Sorry, there’s someone else (umm..richer and smarter than you I mean..throat clearing)'. The catch phrase-'There are many fish in the sea' is I guess an inscription on the extra X in our chromosomes as compared to our fawning other halves.

It's as simple as this. ( this part thoroughly).Women are suckers for guys who are dependable. Someone who can care for them, who can fulfill every whim and fancy of theirs {for eg. Ice-cream at 2 a.m. (If you don’t get this, your Bollywood/Tollywood gyaan ain’t something to be proud of my dear friend), who can get their shopping done from Ameerpet to Central, from Charminar to Begumpet without as much as an ounce of disgust or protest}, listen to them boasting/cribbing/bitching/whining endlessly as if there was no tomorrow. Basically, if you are equipped with a vehicle and are capable of pretending to be really listening and can nod your head at regular intervals in awe/appreciation when she’s boasting or with disgust when she’s bitching, you are set! Congratulations my dear bakra..uh oh..friend:-):-(..(mixed emoticons, hope you understand my predicament..sigh!)

As cynical as I might have sounded, I don’t want to end up sounding judgmental. Neither am I going to take any sides. From experiences (personal as well as friends/acquaintances), I don’t think any of it is deliberate. In this short life of ours (another topic which I would love to write on), we are lucky to meet some and unlucky to meet some. Some of them become our cherished ones, while some you’d willingly throw off a cliff (ouch! I’m not so evil :-)). By saying that meeting new people, falling in love, ditching them or getting ditched is a cycle or part of life I might be wholly wrong..or perhaps partially right..but one thing is for sure, its' inevitable.

For all the emancipation and the 'we don’t really need a man you know' that we women cry ourselves hoarse about, its' always nice to have a man by your side (Yes, yes this is the real 'Must Read' part boys). And not just for the 'driver' (haha..this is fun) and the money etc. part of it. For all the other real things too. For the shoulder you have when you are down in the dumps and want to cry out aloud, for how you don’t even need to tell how you're feeling about something, for the way he can make you feel special only the way he possibly could..Priceless! A girl who can love you for your worth and not your net worth is what should be for keeps. But then don’t worry, if she thinks you’re worth it, she won’t let you go..atleast anytime soon that is.. :-P