Thursday, May 10, 2007


I don’t quite remember when I first saw him. When I joined my company, Infor, I met a bunch of these guys from MEC, a neighboring college. These guys had joined the same time as I had.
11.00 am is a sacred time for us here. Spells out “Coffee” for us you see. It was one of these breaks that I remember talking to him. We exchanged our numbers that day and I remember storing it as Deepak E. Prakash..Phew! Don’t exactly know when that changed to Deepu for me…From stories I heard from Makku and Kartik, this guy was “supposed” to be a woman-charmer. As I once asked him, how come it never worked on me? He replied within the same instant..he had never tried:-P

Anyways, this idiot of a guy (whose passions in life are “photography, photography and photography (put Java somewhere too)”) is moving to Bangalore. And from the time I heard of it, I guess I unconsciously “tried not to think about it”(my favorite line back in college..Manu, yaad hai na?). But now it’s too close..his going away..And I guess one just can’t avoid the fact that he won’t be around very soon. I must confess that I have had the best times of my life here in Hyderabad with these people. And he’s so going to be missed.

The first person here who took me around on his blue Pulsar..the time we both went and discovered the “tawa murgh” in Angeethi..the TV stand you lifted till our house..the way I like my Sub..the dupatta shopping in Ameerpet..talking about ahem stuff..the day you lost your bike keys..the list will never not trying to sound grateful or’s just that these were all special times for me..very, very special..and I’m so going to miss you Deepu..Love you loads..umma:-)