Monday, November 27, 2006

I believe..

I believe in the goodness of mankind,

I believe in the ecstasy after "the find"

I believe in "happily ever after",
I believe in the joyful sound of laughter

I believe in sunshine after the rain,
I believe in "no pain,no gain"

I believe in miracles by the hands of the Lord,
I believe in harmony and accord

I believe in the truth in her eyes,
I believe in his empty, white lies

I believe in beauty that lies beneath,
I believe sorrow exists underneath

I believe in life after death,
I believe in "to forgive and to forget"

I believe in the potent power of love,
I believe it comes from God above

I believe in gentle touch and caress,
I believe life moves on, no matter how much stress

I believe in the wheel of life,
I believe there is reason behind pain and strife

I believe we are meant to be,
I believe.. in you and me:)!


Anonymous said...

Hi deeps
A very deep and touching poem

Teri ye kavita, sirf kavita nahi Tere dil ki ek tasveer hai
Meine ise padkar jaana Ki tu jism se hin nahi
Man se bhi sab raanjhon ki heer hai
Rab se ye dua hai meri ki tere is belief pe ek din duniya believe kare
Aur unchui oonchainyon ko tu chookar ek naya example set kare

Anonymous said...

Listening and learning
about a life
about energy and commitment
about change and awareness
about sharing emotions
Observing and reflecting
about pain and sadness
about honesty and perseverance
about wellness and weaknesses
about time and loving
You helped me understand
You helped me appreciate
You helped me remember
myself :)

makku said...

Hey Deeps,
I just read ur poem once agn… got to say… really good… I cld keep reading it on and on… keep up the good work...

Rajganapathy said...

Good one.... :)

Rajganapathy said...

So let me know, what all things u dont beleive???

d_grail said...

d rat still rhymes wid d cat...
bt gud yaar...n it does seem ur mre jobless than "good ol engg days"...
n thanx 4 puttin my link...nw mayb, just mayb someone other than me will visit it...
:) kp bloggin!!

Anonymous said...

empty white lies

Anonymous said...

actions speak louder than words.
only then will your wishes come true

SATAN said...


R! said...

hats off.. nice one... :)

ankurindia said...

nice blog

being_asad said...

Hi nice post, and nice blog...keep writing !!

The_Wanderer said...

POETRY!!! and (oh my God!) it rhymes!
this, i must say, is the least of ur crimes...
gone are the days, those good old times...
when deepti n me raced after IMS :D

hahah...poppycock attempt at poetically pulling ur sexy legs!