Monday, November 27, 2006

This would have been my first post..

I write this as I
actually have nothing better to do.For that matter, I started blogging because I had nothing better to do. Honestly speaking, I never really cared much for blogging.(Must have first come across the term "blogging" in some article in 'India Today' a few years ago..).I generally didn't find it "interesting" enough to go through what goes on people's lives on a day-to-day basis, but then there are a few absolutely awesome blogs which actually talk about stuff that makes you think, that makes you smile, and want to read more:)..

My roomie in my "good-old" engg. days used to blog(still does; checkout: .Didn't really fancy the idea of coming up with one myself,reasons being : I'm too lazy(so you can imagine how jobless I would be now..) and also the fact that I'd be constantly judging myself. But then the few times the idea did race across my mind, I had thought of what my first blog would be about(now that's not quite possible due to being over excited after writing the first one, I just had to post it asap..).

So here goes "My first post",as it would have been(with a few modifications,but of course):

I'd never want my readers to:

1) Get bored while reading any of my posts.
2) Find the articles repetitive.
3) Lacking in content(though this one surely does).

I'd want my readers to:

1) Give me an honest feedback
2) Grow in abundance;)

What I would say to expect from my (sometimes mindless) blog would be honesty. I believe in straight from the heart and I would say the whole purpose of writing would be defeated if I am not honest about what I'm going to write. So I hope to meet a few, if not many in this journey of the writer in encourage!


seenu said...
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RHCErightnow said...


this is a very gr8 blog, i cant believe that this is ur first..??!!